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AES Ohio Electric Choice Suppliers
General Information for potential AES Ohio Electric Choice Suppliers

Supplier Information

Information for current or potential suppliers

AES Ohio is pleased to share information with Competitive Retail Electric Service (CRES) Providers who currently serve, or would like to serve retail load within the certified territory of AES Ohio.

To ask questions regarding this site, its contents or the implementation of retail electric choice within AES Ohio’s territory, please call the Retail Supplier Hotline between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Eastern) or send us an email.

Supplier Hotline: 937-331-4431
E-mail: aesohioretail@aes.com

Access Levels II & III

Access to secure information on the site is reserved for CRES Providers who are certified with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) or have already completed the Alternate Generation Supplier registration process with AES Ohio.

The following information is available only to users with certain minimum access levels:

  • Level II (PUCO-Certified CRES Providers)
    • Q & A Forum
    • Historical Usage Portal
    • Pre-enrollment Customer List
    • Government Aggregation List
  • Level III (AES Ohio Registered Suppliers)
    • Discount Rate Tool
    • Manage Pricing Options Portal
    • Payment Agreement List
    • Supplier Agreements
    • Sync List

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Need an account number for enrollment?

If you are unable to retrieve a valid account number from your customer, please download the Ohio Customer Letter of Authorization form. AES Ohio will not release an account number unless this form is signed by the Customer of Record.

Ohio Customer Letter of Authorization

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