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Capacity and Transmission

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The files below include information provided by AES Ohio to assist suppliers in the projection of suppliers’ capacity peak load contribution and network transmission service peak load obligations in the Dayton PJM zone.

Disclaimer: Use of this information is not required. AES Ohio is not making this information available for any particular purpose and makes no representations or warranties regarding the use of this information or conclusions that may result from use of this information. The user accepts full responsibility for any action or forbearances undertaken based on or in connection with use of this information. The user hereby releases and discharges AES Ohio from any liability, and agrees to indemnify and hold AES Ohio harmless from any costs, expenses, or liabilities by AES Ohio, user or any third party, arising from or relating to the user’s use of the provided information and tools.

Daily Zonal Scaling Factors (PJM)

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Historical capacity and transmission daily zonal scaling factors for the Dayton zone.  As of January 1, 2017, the daily zonal scaling factors are calculated by PJM and published to its website.

Peak Load Contribution Methodology

Explanation of how capacity peak load contributions and network transmission service peak load contributions are calculated.

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Capacity Reconciliation Factors

Capacity Reconciliation Factors used in the calculation of end-use customer PLCs for PJM delivery years beginning June 1, 2012.

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PLC NSPL Default Tickets

Capacity and Transmission default ticket values attributed to new end-use customers according to their assigned load profile categories.

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